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This site do not use cookies own profiling cookies

The European Union has reinforced the protection of users of electronic communication networks and services by requiring informed consent before

information is stored or accessed in the user’s (or subscriber’s) terminal device. The requirement applies to all types of information stored or

accessed in the user’s terminal devise.

We want to inform yo that this web site, DOES NOT USES OWN PROFILING COOKIES . The profiling cookies are cookies used to track the user and create

profiles on his personal habits, taste, choices, etc. With this cookies the users can receive advertising known to the online navigation system. (faq n.5 in the official document)

Cookies are small text files (letters/numbers) created by a web site that stores in the user’s computer temporary or permanent information on the

hard disk (computer, tablet, smartphone). Cookies provide a way for the Web site to recognize you and keep track of your preferences. Similar

technologies can be used to collect information known as Web beacon, GIF and other forms of storage like HTML5.

In the following line, we will explain this info collection, using the term, cookies.
Characteristics of a cookie

There are different types of cookies; we list the type of cookies used and why they are used.
Session cookies

Are used in order to allow customers to carry information across pages of the website, without having to re-enter such information. Those cookies

delete themselves automatically when you leave a website and go to another, or when you shut down your bowser.
Persistent and permanent cookies

Cookies are commonly used to “maintain the state” of a browser session. For example, users can place items in a shopping cart, switch to another page

or even another site, and when they come back, the site recognizes them and the current state of the cart.
Cookies contain a range of URLs (addresses) for which they are valid. When the Web browser or other HTTP application sends a request to a Web server

with those URLs again, it sends along the related cookies. For example, if your user ID and password are stored in a cookie, it saves you from typing

in the same information all over again when accessing that service the next time. By retaining user history, cookies allow the Web site to tailor the

pages and create a custom experience for each individual.

For example, permanent cookies register your details to avoid that you fill again the form of your reservation in a B&B.
First party cookie

The default settings in your Web browser typically allow “first-party” cookies, but not “third-party” cookies. First-party cookies are created by the

Web site you are visiting and are necessary to keep track of your personal preferences and the current session as explained above.
Third Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are created by a Web site other than the one you are currently visiting; for example, by a third-party advertiser on that site.

The purpose of such cookies is usually to track your surfing habits, which is why third-party cookies are considered an invasion of privacy and

riskier than first-party cookies. For this reason, you can change the settings in your browser, and deny access to third party cookies.

For more information read:

You can choose if you want to accept the cookies using the settings in your browser.

If you deny access to third parties cookies, you might not be able to surf freely the web, and see for example maps and you tube videos.

A Web browser can be configured so that only first-party cookies coming from the originating sites are maintained. It can also be set to prevent all

cookies from being stored in your computer, but that severely limits the Web surfing experience. To change settings, look for the cookie options in

your browser in the Options or Preferences menu.

You can set your browser in a specific way for every web site visited; some of the best browsers, have setting to allow you to choose between “first

cookies” or “third party” cookies.

vFor example Firefox, trough the menu option and privacy, give you the choice to accept or not different type of cookies, and remove them.

The following have the authorization to use cookies in our web site, following the law of privacy:

Internet Explorer:

Below is a list of approved suppliers to place cookies on our site and the privacy policies:

Google Ads
Google Analytics
Google / YouTube

To all European users: the following information for the privacy its written following the Art. 10 n. 95/46/CE, and 2002/58/CE, reviewed in the

Directive 2009/136/CE, in regards of the processing of personal data using cookies.

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